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Derfor er Vogue India det perfekte match til mig,

Her faldt jeg bl.a. over denne artikel med über cool Ranjana Khan, her posere hun i Vogue, India med Ansigts-Yoga som accesorrie.

Ranjana Khan, Vogue India


Face off with facial yoga

New Yorker Ranjana Khan launches an instructional web video for an ancient beauty

It’s hard to believe that jewellery designer Ranjana Khan, better known as wife of designer Naeem Khan, is already 57-years-old. Swapping surgery and botox for facial yoga she demonstrates, over a glass of champagne, how a series of fish-faces, lippy pouts, eyelid stretches and neck rolls can erase years off your face. Fans include The Real Housewives of New York who not only downloaded her video, but also invited her for a session on their s

It’s exactly what it sounds like: yogic movements for the face. It’s an ancient science that, along with deep breathing, can ease stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Our face has multiple small muscles that are prone to relax with age and eventually sag. That’s why we need to tone it and bring blood back into the area.

How were you introduced to facial yoga?

Ten years ago in India, before finishing the corpse pose in vinyasa, my teacher showed me how my face was going to age. She taught me exercises to balance this out.

When did you begin to see a difference in your face?

I noticed my skin looked firmer after a few weeks. That’s when I made it part of my daily routine.

What’s the best thing about it?

You can do it anywhere, anytime, from the subway to your desk. You don’t need a mat or a studio. I only spend a few minutes each day but I feel a hundred times better. Who doesn’t want to look great when they get older?